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                                                         {W.4} Dynamo (Boss) (First Battle)                                   
                                                      HP - 2800~ (Varies based on level of party)                 
                                                      Defensive - Bio/Melee/Buster
                                                      Weakness - Fire/Ice/Wind/Electricity
                                                      Steal - Miracle Energy Capsule

                                                                  Offensive Abilities

  • Regular Slash - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Cascade - An Ice-Type Damage attack that targets your entire party for average damage.
  • Dynaburst - A Fire-Type Damage attack that targets your entire party for average damage.
  • Dynaspark - An Electrical-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Shadow Slash (Limit Breaker) - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for very high damage. WARNING: Shadow Slash can still kill even if you have full HP.


At first glance, Dynamo might appear to be a challenging encounter due to his resistant to Melee and Buster damage, your crew's go-to source of damage, but he actually has a fair a number(too many) weakness to exploit. Start the battle off by allowing your support to clean up Dynamo's allies in a single swipe. He is vulnerable to Vapor(Axl), Icy Breath(Zero) and Light Beam(X). Icy Breath has a chance to slow him and deals average damage. Slowing is incredibly effective at reducing the frequency at which the enemy(in this case the boss!) attacks which reduces their overall damage output. Vapor will deal average damage as well. In addition while Light Beam will deal considerably more damage than either Vapor or Icy Breath while also Blinding him. In most situations, Blind will drastically reduce the physical damage of most bosses but since Dynamo is more reliant on Ether-based attacks - it doesn't effect him as much. Additionally, Zero with Loaded cast twice can also deal massive damage with Icy Breath, close to 900 damage(which is a much as a Limit Breaker). Dynamo himself has a variety of elemental attacks that mainly deal relatively average damage between 30 to 80 damage but most of them can hit the entire party. Just make sure to toss healing in when below half health and it will easily counter his offensive strategy. When his Limit Breaker is ready, attempt to Blind him with X's Light Beam to reduce the damage else Shadow Slash will likely brutally murderer one of your heroes.

Overall, he has a very large number of weak points making him probably the weakest boss in the game. Makes sense too considering he is the first, yeah?

{W.5} Captured by the people you protect?!

After successfully defeating Dynamo, the entire party is distracted with their victory and caught off guard by an EMP(Electromagnetic pulse) grenade which completely disables our heroes. They find themselves slowly dying in a locked cell, their equipment is missing and Axl has gone out cold. Dynamo was a distraction to the party while the humans could disable them in order to sell their equipment and scrap them in exchange for money to feed their families and buy medicine. It seems Dynamo lost out on this exchange too, after failing to defeat X and the gang, he too was stripped of his equipment and has the same fate coming. Unexpectedly, Sigma breaks in to the human base and rampages, finding Dynamo in his cell and releasing him but that wasn't really why he was there and it doesn't really explain why either. Dynamo informs Sigma that X and the rest are disabled right in the next room. To make it even more confusing, Sigma (after being beaten, time and time again by X) doesn't really feel like this would be a convenient time to end his life once and for all (and Zero AND Axl). Either he has become insanely powerful or crazy. I am not really sure which, probably both. Anyhoo, Alia shows up with a medical crew and recover our heroes just in time.

{W.6} Maverick Hunter Base

You wake up in your room with your Tech and Upgrades reset and your equipment and battlechips have mostly been stolen. Alia contacts you and has important information to talk with you about. She asks you to pick up Axl but you don't really have to. At this point you are free to explore the base and save your game. Afterwards, head off to find Alia and she will put you in contact with Signas that has an important mission for you. He wants you to track down the person that was able to modify the EMP grenade because with such a high reliance on robots, it is a very dangerous weapon. X believes Sigma is more important (and he is probably right) but Signas informs X that Zero has been assigned to track and destroy Sigma (which seems like a little bit overestimating Zero but hey, who knows). Signas says this was a direct order from the President for X to handle it and it is all a very suspicious situation but X reluctantly agrees with Signas' request. Chitchat continues but it is time to re-equip the team.

{W.7} Time to gear up!

This is really just about countering the particular weak point of your characters. To keep it simple, Axl has low make sure to equip him with items to compensate for it. I will not go into great detail with this since a lot of methods are just as effective which makes the game fun - having your own unique playstyle. I would buy EG Shin for the entire team and Combat Buster. You can substitute the Combat Buster for a body slot armor with an additional slot but these are basically the highest tier of their class of weaponry and they cover exactly what you need. Afterwords, you will want to upgrade your current battlechips. I would get Infect for Zero's Wily Chip and Critical Mass on Axl's Copy Chip. X has the potential to buy Reroll but we aren't planning to die. You may want to upgrade his Light Beam but that would be all. Additionally, you will want to purchase new battlechips. Essentially, the best endgame battlechip to buy would be Fireman but it makes the game really bland so I recommend synthesizing some chips and trying combinations of your own. For my run, I am using Quick Man on X/Fireman on Axl/Iceman on Zero. Finally, I would upgrade Kinetic Boost, Quick Cast and Max Power with everything else being your choice. On a side note, if you'd rather gather some extra cash, increasing your Steal rate combined with the Quickman Formation will usually end any random battles quickly and allow you to steal items just before the enemies die.

{W.8} Course #1

{W.8.1} Part 1 - This is a training course and instead of random encounters, you just touch the old Joe's standing around to enter an encounter. You can even avoid them if you manage to jump over them completely. They are all very weak and will die to a blow or two so do what you will. As you continue throughout the course you will find a Small Energy Capsule and a First Aid Kit before entering the next area.
{W.8.1} Part 2 - You won't encounter any monsters but those pesky disappearing and reappearing blocks, conqueror them to gain two Small Energy Capsules or say screw it and go to the next area.
{W.8.1} Part 3 - In this area you will encounter your next boss but they are kind enough to let you save your game and thankfully so because he is one of the more difficult bosses. Always steal from bossess if possible from this point forward. They always have something worth loads.  

                                                         {W.9} Swordsman (Boss)                                  
                                                      HP - 3900~ (Varies based on level of party) (Party Level 9)
                                                      Defensive - Melee/Buster
                                                      Weakness - None
                                                      Steal - A Three-Headed Monkey Statute (Don't ask but sells for good money)
                                                                  Offensive Abilities

  • Regular Slash - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Blinding Slash - A Melee-Type Damage attack that deals average to high damage and blinds the target.
  • Spinslash - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Prepared - An ability that instantly grants a Limit Breaker.
  • Tri-Slash (Limit Breaker) - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for high damage. WARNING: This attack also blinds AND stuns the target. In addition, despite the name being "Tri" meaning "Three", it hits like 5 friggin times and the stun lasts for quite a long time. I have actually had two teammates stunned simultaneously for a duration due to how long the stun lasts.


The Swordsman is much more difficult than Dynamo. He deals higher single-target damage and usually afflicts a nasty status effect on top of that while attacking more frequently and being resistant to both Melee-Type and Buster-Type Damage! He is similar to Dynamo in the sense that he can deal lethal damage but without any of the exploitable weakpoints making him much more durable. Start the battle off by clearing up his reploid companies with our support and remember to steal! There are a lot of ways to handle this fight due to the Swordsman having no direct vulnerabilities(except for possibly Blind status)leaving most battlechips on equal footing. If you want to make the battle easier, hit him with Infect and it will drain all his SP (disabling nearly all his special techniques and causing him to waste turns on restoring RP via potion!) and huge portions of his HP at the start of the fight (hundreds of damage a tic from poison) while also stunning him, slowing him, cursing him - full shutout.  Keep in mind, although Infect does slam the target hard with negative status affects - they do not last that long so try to keep an eye out on his conditions. After that, focus on ether-based attacks or reducing his resistance to a particular elemental damage and exploiting the vulnerability will have the battle over shortly. If you find yourself overwhelmed, take note that all his attacks are Melee-Type damage, toss a Rock Shield(or Fortification if you have it) on your highest threat to mitigate some of his damage. The battle won't last long after all that. If worse comes to worse, don't forget you can use potions to restore HP/SP in addition to keeping HP up with healing battlechips such as Fireman's Warmglow that costs only 8 SP. After defeating him, Course 2 will be open.

{W.10} Course #2

{W.10.1} Part 1 - The encounters here are stronger than in Course 1 but your support ability will either completely clear them or weaken them to the point where only one or two stand with a slit of HP. I try to steal with Axl before they all die. You will run into a Subtank and a Bio Repair Kit on your way.
{W.10.2} Part 2 - This room can be annoying, you won't find any enemies here but a training course like a regular platform Megaman game, the good ole disappearing blocks and whatnot. Jump across the course to make it to the next boss.
{W.10.3} Part 3 - In this area you will encounter, Dynamo but he hasn't changed much.

                                                         {W.11} Dynamo (Boss) (Second Battle)                                   
                                                      HP - 4200~ (Varies based on level of party) (Party Level 10)                 
                                                      Defensive - Bio/Melee/Buster
                                                      Weakness - Fire/Ice/Wind/Electricity
                                                      Steal - Chainsaw (Again, don't ask)
                                                                  Offensive Abilities

  • Regular Slash - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Cascade - An Ice-Type Damage attack that targets your entire party for average damage.
  • Dynaburst - A Fire-Type Damage attack that targets your entire party for low damage.
  • Dynaspark - An Electrical-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for average damage.
  • Firewall - A Fire-Type Damage attack that targets your entire party for average damage.
  • Preperation - An ability that instantly grants a Limit Breaker and Block. 
  • Shadow Slash (Limit Breaker) - A Melee-Type Damage attack that hits a single target for high damage. This attack can be lethal.


Dynamo has some new attacks and his new strategy that he seems to be fond of is dealing damage to your entire party, leaving them open to a Shadow Slash to finish. Like always, start the battle off by allowing your support to clean up Dynamo's allies in a single swipe and. He has more HP, seems to attack more frequently and deals more damage than before but overall he just has too many exploitable weak points. Start off with Zero casting Infect and be sure to steal his Chainsaw for some extra cash. Cast Critical Mass on Axl and let X and Zero tear it up with ether-based attacks. He should go down fairly quickly in comparison to the Swordsman. His difficulty is low, he isn't as lethal as before. His damage is too low and now with 3 possible healing battlechips. Once you defeat him, the final course opens, Course 3.

{W.12) Course #3

Here, you will encounter only boss battles.


II) Combined Battlechips (CB)



Gutman Chip Combinations

Bombman Chip + Tornadoman Chip
Bombman Chip + Plantman Chip
Bombman Chip + Napalmman Chip
Bombman Chip + Magmaman Chip
Bombman Chip + Crystalman Chip
Bombman Chip + Splashman Chip
Bombman Chip + Metalman Chip
Bombman Chip + Airman Chip
Bombman Chip + Quickman Chip
Bombman Chip + Magnetman Chip
Electricman Chip + Fireman Chip
Fireman Chip + Snakeman Chip
Iceman Chip + Junkman Chip

Bombman Chip Combinations

Electricman Chip + Iceman Chip
Electricman Chip + Junkman Chip
Fireman Chip + Plantman Chip
Fireman Chip + Napalmman Chip
Fireman Chip + Crystalman Chip
Fireman Chip + Splashman Chip
Fireman Chip + Tornadoman Chip
Fireman Chip + Magmaman Chip
Fireman Chip + Metalman Chip
Fireman Chip + Metalman Chip
Fireman Chip + Quickman Chip
Fireman Chip + Magnetman Chip
Iceman Chip + Snakeman Chip

Fireman Chip Combinations

Iceman Chip + Napalmman Chip
Iceman Chip + Gutsman Chip
Iceman Chip + Quickman Chip
Iceman Chip + Magnetman Chip
Iceman Chip + Metalman Chip
Iceman Chip + Airman Chip
Iceman Chip + Plantman Chip
Iceman Chip + Magmanman Chip
Iceman Chip + Snakeman Chip
Iceman Chip + Tornadoman Chip
Iceman Chip + Crystalman Chip
Gutman Chip + Splashwoman Chip
Electricman Chip + Snakeman Chip

Recent Game Medals

Yendor 100 Points Beat the game on Nethack Difficulty! Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
Shut Up and Take My Money 10 Points Visit a Gachapon! Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
Russel Crow 10 Points Conquer the Arena! Medal Stats.
Raging for a Bit 10 Points Get a Rune of Enragement! Medal Stats.
Thinking With Portals 10 Points Reach the Third Area Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 9 (From 1 different game.)